Complete transport with individual truck

The transportation of complete loads is a major part of Oyrobul’s business. The service is suitable for you when you need to transport goods with a cargo volume equal to a whole truck (33 europallets or others occupying 13.60 meters of the useful length of the truck) or you just have a partial load, but are looking for individual transport, just for him. All complete loads are performed with specially designed vehicles, carefully selected in order to ensure maximum quality of transport. Our trucks travel to and from all over Europe and meet all international standards.

Vehicles for complete loads

Trailers – the most commonly used types of truck. The main advantage of this type of truck is that it can be loaded on all sides and be covered with tarpaulin or hard surface. The volume area for placing the cargo is: D – 13.60 m; W – 2.5 m; B – 2.8 m. The load capacity varies between 21 – 22 to 23 t. The trailers can hold up to 33 europallets, and the volume of the trucks is up to 96 m3. Van type truck – with closed cargo space. The vans can be the size of a standard trailer or a solo truck. They can only be loaded at the rear. Megatrailers – it can be said that these are trailers with an increased height of 3 meters, whose volume is 100-104 m3. Carries the same loads as the trailer. It has a lifting capacity of up to 22-23 tons, and the loading complies with the route and the legal requirements in the respective country. Hangeri is a truck with a trailer. Its main advantages are the larger useful volume – up to 118 cubic meters, as well as the possibility of fast loading / unloading. Refrigerated trucks – a truck specially equipped with a refrigeration unit (s), intended for the transport of goods with a special temperature regime: perishable or deep-frozen. These are meat, fish products, medicines, vegetables, fruits, dairy products and more. The cargo space maintains a temperature of +25 C˚ to -20 C˚ depending on the load. The standard trucks have a volume of 92 m3 and a load capacity of up to 22 tons. In one refrigerated truck, up to 33 europallets can be transported.