High volume loads

We offer transportation of high-volume loads (between 90 and 118 m3) for your goods, which have a larger load volume, which exceeds the capacity of standard trailers. We have extensive experience in the transport of oversized cargo and will develop effective transport solutions for your business.

Vehicles and coverage

We provide the high-volume transport service, by means of specialized trucks, meeting all technical requirements and international standards: Megatrailer – provides cargo volume up to 105 m3 and is also suitable for goods up to 3 m high. Hanger – provides a cargo volume of up to 118 m3 and a height of up to 3 m. It is a truck with 2 trailers with a total length of 15.4 m. The countries for and from which we transport high-volume cargo are: Germany, Italy, France, Spain, England, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Greece, Romania, Serbia and others.